Friday, December 21, 2007

2k7 log file

  • Went through a certain period of time in which i successfully wrote and passed 4 university exams in 3 days, a period i affectionately labeled 'Black week'. I still consider this to be one of my greatest academic achievements after joining engineering.
  • Won the first(and possibly the last) ever programming contest i attended. All i had to do was write a c++ program to crack a Caesar Cipher. Put in the money i won into procuring my first mobile, a Motorola W220.
  • Went for my second Ragam and thankfully we managed to procure a 3rd for eastern orchestra. But rahul dude, surely missed ur amazing vox :D
  • Watched most of my friends getting placed. It wasnt much fun sitting at home for about 4 months and regretting about those supplies as each job goes whizzing past your ear.
  • Attended my first interview successfully and finally got placed. A BIG thank you to lotsa ppl. Ain't mentioning names, coz they'll know anyway.
  • Wandered trivandrum city for about 2-3 weeks trying to get sponsorship money for western orchestra in crossroads. Finally met target after loooots of marikkals.
  • I'd also like to thank the entity which was responsible for the beautiful rain that happened while western orchestra was going on from the bottom of my heart.
  • Went to lotsa places this year. Bonacaud, peppara, chowara, meenmutty and all. Was nice.
  • Got through my seminar kinda successfully. Feedback tells me i was good at confusing than convincing..anyways :D
  • The "main project" happened and i consider this among the most 'educating' times of my life.
  • It made me realize how hard it is for certain people to accept their mistakes.
  • I was also introduced to a certain race of people who are well versed in the art form where they accept their mistakes ONLY to you and then quite successfully manage to turn tables onto you in front of others behind your back. FYI that hurts more than good old fashioned classic backstabbing.
  • The no. of faces i have to smile at also took a hit during this year due to above mentioned instances.
  • First impressions aren't always true.(this statement holds both ways)
  • Managed to revive my long lost hobby of stargazing.
  • Bought a new mobile for "project purposes". With that my dream of owning an mp3 player was also realized.
  • Flipped in and out of many belief systems(religiously i.e).
  • The good side of the above point was that i got to read a lot(online i.e) about various aspects of religion,god blah blah.
  • Discovered a new passion in photography.
  • Supplies again :D
  • Two ubuntu releases in this year and it just keeps getting better and better. Managed to convert many people to linux.
  • Yanni is simply awwsum!
  • Cut up vegetables for the first time in my life. Thanx to kenny's mom :D
  • Got hooked to the old tv series Cosmos.
  • I worship Carl Sagan.
  • Attended the engagement of a classmate.
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