Wednesday, June 07, 2006

windows 95 on a sony psp

THE ULTIMATE PORT.........was hard to believe at first but luks authentic. It seems this guy actually succeeded in running win 95 on a sony psp. He apparently used an open source X86 emulator named Bochs to accomplish the feat.

Loading time is abt 10 mins. But its said to be pretty usable afterwards. The mouse is reported to have a certain inertia of motion, i.e u need to push ur joystick in the opposite dir to stop the cursor from continuing to move.

Games like minesweeper and solitaire are said to b very playable.



The psp in question runs at a full CPU speed of 333Mhz, and the unit reportedly heats up considerably. The author has made it clear that he aint responsible if "ur psp bursts into flames". If you wld like to read the full article do so here.

You can get the source files and a walkthrough on how to do this at the site(if u hv a sony psp 2 burn i.e:D)

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