Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy B'day pc

[Forgive the image quality. That pic was taken usin a webcam at night:P]

My pc's a year old now. "Old" isnt a term you would like to associate with a computer. They are supposed to be prime and mean all time long with obsolete hardware being replaced by the latest and greatest . First of all, i wouldnt call my hardware obsolete:D and second of all my upgrade frequency is really low compared to the likes of asb.

My old pc was/is a technological "marvel" . Its still running:D. An absolute beast of a machine Style, power, u name it;-) Dad bought that pc when i was in sixth standard. I would spend hours talkin to my seniors on my school bus about the MSDOS commands i was to punch in to play a game. My first surprise came when a screen labelled "Windows 95" popped up while i was expecting to c "Starting MS-DOS".. Then came the first huge challenge, Mastering the mouse:D. Tuk some time to get used to it. I furiosuly searched for(and found) the MS-DOS shell and started punching in commands like "cd games" "prince megahit" and all. It tuk some time for my brain to register the fact that u never play a game unless it is installed(read as exists) on ur comp. The comp contained 16 megabytes of EDO RAM(the only specimen ive ever seen), a 1.2 GB samsung harddiskdrive(partioned into 4 regions by the way). The video card was a real killer named Sis 6215 which was a PCI card with 1 megabyte of videomemory. Just in case ur guessin 16MB of RAM??.win 95 requires only 8MB of RAM to run. Other pieces of hardware that were added on later included a Creative 8x CD-ROM drive and a Creative Soundblaster 16 soundcard which pluggd into an ISA port. The 8x drive blew its lens in future and was replaced by a standard 52x samsung drive which was the last upgrade my old PC saw till the new pc came in a year ago. Dj and i once tried running Everest 2005 on my old pc. It detected the motherboard as "Tomato motherboard"=)) It was 7 years of win 95/98 , fifa 98 and nfs 2.

One thing really different about he first years of my old and new pc's is that the new pc never broke down(unless i count the time when dust got in to the RAM slots and sys crashd resulting in me frantically diallin biosbhai's no.) This last year has been very different where the comp became an inseperable part of ME. Durin the last year holidays mnt 16 hrs in front of the comp unless there is a power failure, which was a feat unattainable with my old comp as it wld simply shutdown after 12 hrs of use:D

So its 1 yr and runnin, hope it stays so:D
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