Monday, July 10, 2006

half way thru..........

holidays over.............back to my favorite past time of sleepin thru lectures:D Beginning of s5 marks half time in the illustrious journey thry B.Tech. And my frquency of bloggin went down durin the holidays(thinking).

The 1 month dat passed was borin to a gr8 xtent. Anythin worth recallin...ummmmm(thinkin .....there was the party at moush's house, indu's b'day, me and asb visitin biosbhai's house(finally got to meet the lord of the bios^:)^ ), frag matches with auster and dj(^:)^@kickasso, try harder@dj:P..just kiddin dude).

And oh xperimentin with USB boot resultin in 40gigs of clean NTFS secondary memory:-< . It all strtd on a peaceful afternoon with my new pack of ubuntu cd's arrivin by mail. I was like.......hmmmmmm 64-bit editionof ubuntu(thinkin) mayb ill install dat...(1337 3go t4k!n 0v3r) and b the proud owner of the only 64-bit OS in class
(high hopes!!)...the version was the latest(code named "Dapper drake").. i knew that theres nothin 4 me 2 gain from instllin a 64-bit OS .but still ...Without further hesitation i pop in the cd .....a decent lukin menu arrives...i chose to boot....cpl of lines show up and then suddenly "Wat da hell!!".screen shws attempt to kill init...init sync fail....and da screen freezes...back 2 gud old xp and i googled for the some vague ideas that it might b related 2 acpi and some guy was hvin the same prob with Athlon 64. I boot usin the cd instd of bootin normally added an xtra option acpi=off..and hurray!! boots from the cd....another strange thing..watever resolution i choose while bootin the OS still loads in 640x480 which was a prob since the install program window was too big for the screen.but that was solved when i pluggd in my USD default resolution was 1280x720.....dont ask how:-??.......Now i run the install program..after passin thru whole load of crap like "regional settings" i finally come to the partitioning section refuses to acknowledge the existence of my SATA drive.but my USB drive does show up..phrases like "USB boot" race through my mind...i weigh my options.hmmmmm.......i got 10gigs of free space in dat drive........mayb ill partition 6gigs and install ubuntu on that.and i instruct it 2 do so...then it shws some error and program closes.i giv up...back to gud old xp..after abt an hr...i pull up my computer and notice somethin strange. my USB drive is pluggd in.but it aint did show up in windows disk managment.and partition magic said file system was bad.....dammit!!...along with vaporizin my 64-bit dreams ubuntu had also f***ed up my USB drive....33 movies, knight rider, my entire star wars collection...all gone...finally fox tld me 2 delete the partition and reformat it, thnx 2 him i got the drive back in working condition..... anyways xp rulzz for the moment.

College reopened 2day...some of the subjects do look intrestin. and theres the mini proj. Need to come up with somethin really gud 4 dat. teamed up with dj and asb.mayb ill letem do most of the wrk:D Then theres the IV comin up. lukin forward to a gud sem:D catch ya all later--th3_d4r3d3vi1
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