Friday, July 21, 2006

addicted to technology

after a lab xam dat was pushd right in2 my face outta da blue things are quietely settling bak in2 place. Not that it would hv made a difference if i knew the lab dates earlier, but i had 2 run a bit to get my records certified(lessons supposedly learned--always get rcrds outta da way as fast as u can). Guys from our class decided to get together at the pooapura ground for a football game. I fully discovered why they say spending 12+ hrs in front of a computer aint gud for health. Was almost dead abt 15 mins into play. To be honest i was a "liability" to poor asb's team. He was screamin desperately for a pass each time the ball got near me. But i was too busy dodgin kenny(who strtd to scream while runnin towards me) to notice da ball:D. Decided that mayb i should step outta my glass walled abode once in a while. The lab exam question was kinda simple and got the needed output in abt half hour. But viva went kinda bad. Id rather focus on the gud part here and let the viva go2 hell(repeats to myself.."i got da output"). Been readin a loot lately on conroe and AMD's reply and similair topics. Think im tkin a likin 2 hardware:D(reverently biosbhai namaha!)....recent activities on the comp..... scrapped norton internet security for the second using netlimiter pro and its firewall with NOD 32 as AV. really liked Netlimiter pro..shws everythin u wannw knw about programs accessin the net from ur comp....along with very nifty features like a built in whois query tool..its more than what i need:D.....then wat else......oh yeah..switchd to da new yahoo mail beta..........interface luks really gud....really likd da one-click preview feature and loads faster for me than the old yahoo mail.....
Heres a snapshot of the new yahoo mail beta. Notice the one click preview pane at the bottom. Got dspm lab xams comin up. As usual...need 2 get the records certified:D....catch ya all later
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